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Hi Everyone – We are doing one last clean out of the BPM Online Store. Since no one listens to CDs anymore, we need to do something to get people to buy them. So, we are going to sign them all. How’s that for incentive? I’d like to be able to send a free six pack with every CD, but there are laws against this. I realize you can listen to everything on Spotify, but we drink expensive beer and every dollar counts. You can’t download a t-shirt, so get those before they are all gone. Go see Joe Miller on the road with Reckless Kelly. He’s having a blast. Ryan and I are recording a 4 song EP with our new band next week that will be available online very very soon. There will be a new website and all that social media stuff for the new band. I would like to say that the new band is not for the faint of heart. We are probably four times louder than BPM ever thought of being and the music is the heaviest music I have ever been involved with. I am excited for everyone to hear it. Since Facebook now sucks and has limited who will see this post, please share post, tweet it, instagram, or pin it to something. Thanks for all of your continued support and Joe will see you on the road. Ryan and I won’t see you on the road, but we will be able to be found at an Austin bar from time to time. Mike

P.S. If this gets 20 shares, I’m posting Joe Miller’s Cell Phone Number.




Hi Everyone -

Well May 5th came and the final show was played. I don’t know if Ryan, Joe, or myself have the words to express the gratitude we have for everyone that came to the shows, some from very far away. We realize that making a trip such as this is pretty expensive and our people are definitely blue collar folk, so we appreciate the sacrifice. Judging from the bar sales each night, no one was afraid to spend money on drinking either. Speaking of the bar, I have to thank Reggie Dobson, the owner of the Mercury for making everyone feel so welcome. Reggie has been a very good friend of ours for some time, and he really understood the significance of the event. He made sure all of our people felt at home and had a great time. The Mercury Lounge really is the greatest bar on earth, and we were proud to play our last show there. That place really stands for everything that Back Porch Mary always stood for.

I wish that I would have gotten a chance to sit down and have a beer with every single person that came to the show. Unfortunately, this was not the case. For those of you that I didn’t get to talk to much, I apologize. It was a whirlwind couple of days, and after a week or so to digest it, I realize that I only got to say a word or two to several people. I hope no one felt slighted. I did however try and drink at least one drink for each and every person that showed up. That was a lot of drinks both nights, so I’m not sure if I got there but I tried. Ryan and Joe tried their best also. We also crowd surfed for the first time, and I kick myself for having spent 19 years in the band and I hadn’t done it before. What was I thinking?

We did record the show on Saturday and there is a lot of video footage out there, so we will probably do something. The problem is, I hate listening to live recordings of myself, so getting that record together is going to take considerable effort on my part. I will do this hopefully sooner rather than later. In my mind the show was unbelievable and absolutely amazing, so I want to remember it that way for a bit before I wade into the live tracks and realize that I played like a sloppy drunken mess. The record will only be released in digital form. I’m tired of CDs for several reasons. This brings me to my next point.

If you visit the online store, you will notice that there are still some shirts available, but in very limited sizes and quantities. We have lowered the prices down to the bare minimum. For those of you that paid more for the shirts in the past, I apologize, but you can take great pride and satisfaction in the fact that you were very instrumental in helping this operation get up and down the road for so long. The same goes for CDs. We have cut the cost of CDs down as far as possible as well. I find it interesting, that the very first Back Porch Mary demo came out on cassette tapes. I’ll never forget getting a copy of it. It looked pathetic in retrospect. Just a tape with a white label and song titles printed on it. I also remember seeing the very first copy of “Gather”. For those of you who don’t know, “Gather” was the very first BPM CD that came out in 1997. I wasn’t even the lead singer back then. In Back Porch Mary we saw CDs become popular, and now they are completely out of favor. I have to admit that I never buy CDs. I listen on Spotify or get songs off of ITUNES. Hold on a second. I digress. My point is, the CDs are still for sale on our website for $6.00, or all of them for $22.00. This includes shipping so knock yourself out. We do need beer money.

I will say a bit about my beliefs as far as the digital music revolution is concerned. First of all, I think it’s awesome. I am so happy that record labels are failing and the power is truly in the hands of the artists. The record industry is dying and they don’t like it. I do. These people can’t stand the fact that they aren’t able to steal from musicians anymore. There is no middle man between the artist and the listener. It’s also great that there are so many places to hear new music. Radio is a complete and utter joke. There are exceptions and there are cool people at radio, but as a whole they are so out of touch and I love the fact that we can shut it off and listen to what we want to listen to at any moment. When I first started, you needed record labels and big money entities to get your music out there. This is not the case anymore and it’s great. The fact is, if you have a great song you can put it online and people can hear it. Just like that. If it’s really good, people will share it, and you will become popular. I say this only because BPM is a testament to this. Our people have always been very excited about us and have loved to share our music with others. This led to people coming to shows and for that we are forever grateful. We would like everyone to continue this practice. I have had countless people come up to me and say how much this song or that record helped them through a tough patch, or they used a BPM song at their wedding, or this record meant this to their family, and I say keep it going. Burn CDs if you are still into that. Share files. Put them on bit torrent sites. Do whatever you like. We literally don’t care. I never ever thought about money when we were writing the songs, so I’m not concerned now. I find that when you put good things out there, good things come back.

There have been tons of questions about everyone’s future. Will you play shows? Will there be new music? Will you record? Who will be with you? Is Joe Miller really a prophet? Will Ryan grow his hair long again?

Well, so far I have been enjoying waking up and not having to drive anywhere. I figured it up, and we put roughly one million miles on three different vans. I also have found that Saturday mornings are nice. I can wake up, have a cup of coffee and laugh at the triplets. Having triplets is a blast, and I kind of feel sorry for everyone out there that doesn’ have triplets. I also don’t have to worry about traffic, driving, getting somewhere, or sound guys telling me to turn down my guitar. I am also happy to say that I have really upped my game in the BBQ realm. I managed to get a really good smoker with an offset firebox, and I have learned to nail brisket, ribs, and pork shoulder. Brisket took me the longest and I had some briskets that were Epic Fails. However, I now have it figured out. There are many regular life things that I never really have been able to enjoy. These things are simple and normal to most people, but they are new and exciting to me. I also found out that you don’t have to drink every night. You can not drink and feel really good the next day. Who knew?

Having said that, there is no way I won’t miss playing, recording, and playing live, so I plan to do that. Ryan feels the same way I do, so he and I will do something. Right now, we just message each other on Facebook with ideas for a new band name. I still play the guitar every day, and I’m starting to come up with song ideas. I’m still faced with the same problem I always have always had. I love so many styles of music it’s hard for me to decide on one. We might just do them all one at a time. There will be new songs and we will post them on our website whatever that will be. Joe will remain a road dog. He’s out on the road right now playing the bass and Ryan and I both hope that continues for him as long as he would like for it to. I am also toying with the idea of writing a book about the adventures of Back Porch Mary. Since I’m the only one that saw it all, I guess I should tell the story.

Well, that’s about it. Thanks again to everyone who came to the final show. To all of those that couldn’t come, no big deal. We understand it was a tough thing to make. I would like to take this opportunity to thank three very important people that were there, and for those of you that saw it, it was pretty cool. Jeremie Krehbiel was the very first drummer/singer of BPM. He and I formed the band back in 1993. He made the trip to Tulsa and even sang on some songs. He was there at the very first show and he was at the last show. Mike Anschutz is another. He has been my best friend since I was an infant. We joke about the fact that we don’t remember meeting. He lived two blocks away from me my whole life, and then we roomed together for five of college. Yes, it took me five years. Mike was the very first BPM Roadie, and probably the best one we ever had. He was also at the very first show and made the very last one. Finally, we come to Monty Black. He’s the guy that was always an honorary member of the band. He has always been the first guy I played new songs for, and if you read the album credits closely, you will see that he was always involved in the songwriting process right up to his song “Monty’s Song” on the last record. The fact that the history of the band was so well represented at the final show was pretty cool.

Ryan, Joe and I would also like to thank our wives Carrie, Haley, and Brenda. Each and every member in Back Porch Mary met their wives because of Back Porch Mary. We all met them at shows. All three of them are pretty responsible people with goods heads on their shoulders, so I guess they just had a momentary lapse of reason when they decided to hitch their wagons to this train. However, I’m glad they did. There isn’t a more supportive bunch on the planet, and they spent a lot of time counting the hours until the we showed back up. Now some of us are home for good and they might grow tired of that.

Personally, I would like to thank Joe and Ryan. I can’t imagine having gone through this with anyone else. They are truly my brothers beyond forever and beyond music. They are my family and from now until I take
my last breath on this earth I will be there for them both and do absolutely anything for them.

Thanks again for all of your years of support. It really means everything to us to have had such a long run and made such great friends. Look for Joe on the road and stay tuned for whatever vile concoction Ryan and I come up with. This is not goodbye, cause no one died.


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